Farhad Azima is an internationally recognized entrepreneur and business executive. For more than Forty (40) years, Mr. Azima has proven his leadership in a number of industries including commercial airlines, aircraft leasing, logistics, security, finance, hospitality and hotels. He has served in positions of trust and honor under two Administrations and many of the Congressional leaders of the United States Senate and House of Representatives and Fortune 500 companies. Farhad Azima an Iranian born of the Azeri heritage moved to the United States at a young age and pursued his higher education in Kansas City. Throughout 40 years of a successful career in the international arena, Farhad Azima has always supported dozens of students by providing educational expenses and with career opportunities. ​ Mr. Azima has been recognized by the United States Air Force for his exceptional services to America during the build-up to and execution of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In 1998, Farhad Azima was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and has also been honored for his significant role in economic development, in particular his pioneering development of the airline industry. He was presented the Award for Lifetime Achievement by William Jewell University in 1996.