Those of us who are blessed with means and resources are bound by civic duty to offer them up when the need arises.

About us


For more than Forty (40) years, Farhad Azima has proven his leadership in a number of industries including commercial airlines, aircraft leasing, logistics, security, finance, hospitality and hotels.


His vision is to build a better future by creating opportunities for those of us with the greatest need. Looking into the eyes of a child, or anyone suffering from conflict or oppression, Farhad Azima sees the struggles that impact us all.


Farhad Azima's mission is to help others access the freedom and opportunities afforded to those of us who have had the great privilege of living the American Dream.


When wars break out or natural disasters devastate communities, Farhad Azima believes that it is his patriotic duty to help those in need.



When we provide young people and those in need with the freedom and support they need to succeed, we are building a better future.